Volunteering at Meals on Wheels

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the foundation of any not-for-profit organisation and at Meals on Wheels it is no different.

We require approximately 30 per day to enable us to run effectively.

Meals on Wheels Services are represented by the largest volunteer workforce of any voluntary organisation in Queensland – approximately 14,000 throughout the State.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Individuals, families, and businesses are invited to volunteer to help.

Kitchen Helpers

Required each day (Monday to Friday) to help prepare and pack the meals.


Drivers (with car)

Required each day (Monday to Friday) to deliver the midday meal.

Drivers (without car)

We have 3 Meals on Wheels vehicles which are available if required.


Required each day (Monday to Friday), travel with the driver and personally deliver the meal to the client. 

Emergency Helpers

These people are required to “fill in” when necessary.

Members/Office Bearers

Member or Office Bearer of a local Meals on Wheels Committee.

Become a Volunteer

In almost all Services, volunteers are required each day in the kitchens to assist in preparation of the meals. At Cairns Meals on Wheels we require 10 volunteers in the kitchen daily.

Ideally, volunteers are rostered weekly, so that our delivery service, operating with ten (10) teams, would require twenty delivery volunteers each delivery day in addition to the ten people in the kitchen. Some people are only available on a fortnightly or monthly basis, and they too are most welcome.